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Home > Technology > Lenovo Presenting Folding Technology Tablet/Phone

Lenovo Presenting Folding Technology Tablet/Phone

Lenovo has created a prototype folding tablet/phone hybrid


Lenovo has been known for thinking outside of the box with their mobile PC products, but their latest device prototype — the Folio — is catching the eye of tech enthusiasts everywhere, and for good reason.

Initially unveiled at the recent Lenovo Tech World conference in San Francisco, the Folio looks like any other standard Android-based tablet upon first glance. With a a 7.8″ screen, a 1920x1440p resolution and a Snapdragon 800 processor, it seems to function like one, too.

But what makes the Folio unique isn’t its screen size or processing power. Rather, it’s the device’s ability to completely transform from a full-sized tablet into a pocket-sized smartphone (or vice versa) by being folded in half. The user interface will automatically reconfigure itself to suit the available screen real estate, allowing for a relatively seamless transition.

When in smartphone mode, the Folio displays a glowing “Lenovo” logo on its backside. However, when you go to take a picture, the rear of the device turns into a live photo preview, allowing the subject of your photography to see what you see.

With tablet sales declining in recent years, the appeal of a device that can bridge the gap between smartphones and tablets is undeniable. Though nobody was able to get hands-on time with the Folio at the Tech World conference (it was handled by Lenovo employees only) plenty of videos have already surfaced that show the device in action.

Lenovo hasn’t yet announced concrete plans to bring the device to market.